At any age…

автор Afia Bruna
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At any age whether you are young, in your 30’s or even older, if you are given a gift (no matter how big or small it is) of drawing, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, etc. you don’t have the right to reject it. You have to continue doing what you can do in its fulfilling, gratifying and valuable way.

Just don’t immediately stop because of this small disgusting inner voice inside you, your thoughts and in your head that keeps telling you and constantly insisting and ensuring you that it’s nothing…you just waste your time…it doesn’t suit you…you have no experience and skills to do it…you are too old for it…what others will think about you when they knew…what nonsense and rubbish, your dreams and wishes are so stupid and silly, just shut up…

Maybe…just maybe, your little given gift may turn out to be unbelievably unexpected and charming high diamond of whole your life.

So…just try deferently to listen to your heart. Make one tiny little step towards this given unknown gift and try to develop it in your own special and individual manner.

Such harmful situation happened with me. Four years ago I flatly and completely stopped writing stories and drawing, even stopped posting content on social media. Just worked every day, work then home and such horrible circle continues even now. But life goes on… But I can’t return those past four years. Who knows what will happen if I hadn’t stopped? Maybe…just maybe, my book with little stories would have been published.

And you know, almost every night before going to sleep I sat at my table and asked myself the same question for my unreasonable conduct during these long years “Why you stopped doing what you did? Why you don’t write stories, why you don’t draw, why you don’t communicate with friends on social media and make friends with new people? Why you just stopped everything?”

And for these simple questions I always answered as usual “Just stopped. I don’t why. I just did it”. And always even for myself those abstruse answers seemed so stupidly silly and badly useless. Especially when everyday I say that tomorrow I definitely write a story or draw a sketch and those damn tomorrows became worthless four wasting years of my one delightful life.

Now step by step I am trying to gracefully restore myself, my thoughts and my life. And when I want to stop I keep telling myself that I love creating my own special world which gives me immense pleasure, tremendous fun, great time and enormous gratification.

Keep doing what you love, adore and interested. Don’t wait to be great, just be great now, today, every day and every time.

Stopping is so wearisome, exhausting and devastating but torturing and harassing yourself and your precious life is more dangerous than just living the ordinary life.

Take more responsibility and useful actions in your life.

As you go up the stairs every day to the top so your little actions will bring you and your life to the high level. Just try and you will see it!