Open your heart

автор Afia Bruna
324 просмотров

You can’t look into my eyes. Your lie is out
Everything you told me before is nothing
I want to tear your smile from my heart
But every morning I hear your resonant laughing.
Please explain me all previous situations
And don’t use foolish explanations
My life became full of solid darkness because of you
I have no desire to lose my head when I need you.

Seni kalbime yazdim. Neden sen bunu yaptin?
Sen parliyar bir gunessen. Ama. Yok. Affedersen.
Ben sana asik oldum. Ama gozlemek seni yoruldum.
Sen bana bir sans ver. Ama. Yok. Simdi bos ver.

I sincerely ask you to open your heart and minds
I understand our present up and down flights
For the future and happy life let’s make a little change
Because later the iron destiny won’t allow something to exchange.
Time is really short. Tick tock. Tick tock.
A small effort can open our strong lock
I want to feel you and be a little close
Listen to your heart because that’s my dear propose.