You are a star

автор Afia Bruna
316 просмотров

You are an idol. You are a shining star
But now you are so unexpectedly far
What happened somehow with you?
Media is like an awful storm changed you
Time before you were sparkling everywhere
But now your famous foto face is nowhere
One day. One chance. One opportunity
There is no time for viodability
If you don’t use this great possibility
Then you’ll lose the moment for making new creativity

It’s time to change
And take up a challenge
Your actions bring you only happiness
And not a grace damage

Your blood is red. Mine too
You think i am an idiot too…as you?
I have my own brains in my head
And can earn the money for the piece of daily bread
If you have no will to do just a little of that
Then I can say only to you «It’s so pity and sad»
The world won’t stop if you lost everything
But please don’be late and do anything
I will absolutly support you every day
So don’t be awkward to ask for help any day

It’s time to change
And take up a challenge
It’s time…right time
Just for your change