Try to kiss

автор Afia Bruna
309 просмотров

You always desire ardently to kiss me
But my blood in these moments just leaves me
I feel so embarrased and shy
But in your eyes I can see only «Why?»
Please don’t strongly judge me
You always find the reason to hug me
I don’t want to be rude
But I need to find one rule

Kiss me only at night
When I passionary need you
Kiss me only at night
When I wanna do it with you

I can’t touch your lips in the crowd
Because I feel that I lose my proud
You are looking at me so lovely
Softly saying in my ears «Just love me!»
Let’s keep our love with us
I don’t want anybody see us
I share my life only with you
And not with the people behind you

Kiss me at night
I think it is right
Kiss me only at night
When the moon is hotly bright