It hearts

автор Afia Bruna
326 просмотров

It hurts me a lot. You are not with me
Thanks to you today nobody needs me
I am scary. I feel myself alone
To shout my feelings I need a microphone
I want to tell you everything that is in my heart
I wish to be with you. All day. Through all night
Please look at me. Just one glance
I ask you to give me just one chance

I feel your breathing. I am crying a lot
I have no right and even no vote
Memories about you what I only have
And feeling that with you I always misbehave

I lost your trust. That is my fault
Your soul is bleeding from my bitter salt
Gazing into the mirror I see your happy face
And realize that I look always at the surface
Promice to pay attention to you. Every day
And make breakfast in the morning. Any day
I will change little by little only for you
I will do everything because I really love you