It’s hard

автор Afia Bruna
316 просмотров

It’s hard to imagine what will happen tomorrow
With you, with me, with us, with all of us
But undeniable wish to live, love and feel happiness
Make you do certain things to be in this world today and tomorrow
You make your own conclusions every day
What to start today and what to finish later
To tell the truth nobody cares about you
More than your brain, your heart and absolutly you
The best mark what you evidently give to yourself
Is when for doing a great job you can praise only yourself
Sometimes you are angry, sometimes crushed and from other side it doesn’t look so good and delightful
But remember that every your action, plan and wish make your presence here more significant and useful
Every time from day to day I can’t understand what I am for here and what I want exactly
So every day I really find many different ways to understand what I really want exactly
It’s very hard to find yourself and your own way in this difficult and changable world
But a little sparkle in my heart and short «Thank you» from other man make me believe that I am really useful in this world.