In love there is no war

автор Afia Bruna
285 просмотров

I am a nice lady. I am a pretty writting rap rhyme lady.
My life is very simple. But sometimes it seems very strangely shady.
It’s just happen…usually often happen…but always when i am just rappin.
Time is swiftly passing. It is dropping painfully.
Like white cream on the cake…it is melting peacefully.
What I have to do if I fall in love with you?
My heart is beating frequently when I see you.
Love doesn’t listen to the reason when I say that I want to forget you.
But my words slightly disappear in the deep blue sea.
Happiness in your eyes — that’s what I wanna always see.
You noisily demand from me the love fucking proof.
I am really sick of it. Just go and jump from the famous building roof.
Let’s break this high wall of cold cruel war.
Let’s shout together around the world that «in love there is no war».