Your glance

автор Afia Bruna
325 просмотров

Your sparkling and quiziccal glance unintentionally grapple my little heart
Like you unexpectedly put a heavy and disruptive stone on my tender heart
Please look sometimes gently at me from this side
Because different thoughts about you are whirling in my mind
I don’t think that you are always absolutly right
But you often remember me that «Everything is alright!»
Looking straightly into my eyes and just simply saying «Every day I really miss you!»
I start to realize that little by little I am silently falling in love with you
Your short sentences make my soul muted trembling
And I find out that my love to you like crooked gambling
Please stop lovely giving and harshly taking the damn game ring
I feel myself like a little little kid between quarelling queen and king.