автор Afia Bruna
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I am not from the wealthy family which owns lots of money
For living this simple life I have enough money
Through all my life like a snake I crawl
All my silly actions make me flesh crawl
By the way I graduated the university with the red diploma
Now it doesn’t matter. Because it was just a piece of student’s norma
In the youngest age we have only the faith
Now we are adults and feel sometimes the hate

My love is too precious. Don’t want to share with anyone else
But it is not yet time to speak. I will always say to you Yes.

The reality set up her own rules
But sometimes I found them rigorous
I met you unexpectedly and don’t know what to do
I want to be with you and think you hope it too
Let’s enjoy this present day. Be happy and have much fun
Rarely feel the sorrow and hardness. I wanna us be the one.