автор Afia Bruna
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Every time you ask me to point a sudden meeting. Just cancel it!
Sometimes you are unbelievably suspicious and a little rude. But you can’t explain it!
You want and demand that part of my heart. Really a little obsessed
There is a simply easy way. Just to ask police for a fast arrest
It’s late midnight. Sometimes you used to create dangerous puzzle of our lives. By the way it saddens me and bring deep disappointments
We can’t always stay at the same viscid point. That’s why every day I openly smile while recalling happy moments
We are here today and together. It’s a great opportunity to start again for us
We can build up our new palace of love. And don’t let other people to interrupt us
It will take thousand times to start confidently believe and support each other one day
We may try to move on, do it better and completely change our life together and today.