One evening he came to…

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One evening he came to her work just to see her personally.

She is talking to a client apart from the reception explaining the details of the work they have done. Finishing the explanation of the details of contract she smiles to the client and arranges about adding the additional clauses into the agreement.

She is turning for returning to the reception and at this moment she is seeing his eyes.

She saw his photo on the phone but in the reality he looks a little bit different.

— Hi!

— Hi!

These were the only one words which they could say to each other. Because her director unexpectedly interrupted them, started the conversation with the client about working processes.

Another client came into the office and she went towards him to help to solve his working difficulties. She was standing with her back to him but from afar she was hearing his talk with the director.

She is returning back to the reception and sits down on the chair.

The director is telling him something…

He is looking at her…

She is looking at him covering her lips with the hand and her upper fingers touching her tip of the nose.

One second is passing…two seconds…three seconds…four seconds…

They are looking at each other no blinking, no turning their faces and saying nothing.

Her director notices their gazes and tries to cut this extended silence.

After few words director leaves the office with the client explaining him disputable points of unsigned contract.

The time is slowing down. Everything is vanishing. She is looking into the invisible emptiness. Her minds are radically keeping silence. Suddenly and somehow unexpectedly for her one question arises “What was that right now?”

The silent gazes of two unknown people value much more than the one ounce of precious stone.

They won’t see each other any more. In this real life their gazes won’t meet each other any more.

The time doesn’t bear inactive postponements and unwarrantable actions.

The time demands certain questions and worthy answers.