Love you

автор Afia Bruna
295 просмотров

Hey boy just please stop talking
Let’s just have a little walking
I see that you like me
Let’s get fun in this loving.
I wanna be baby with you
I wanna hug baby only you
Eat, sleep, walk and drink
Wanna do everything only with you.
Our life is crazy short
Let’s travel around the world
To get more exciting love emotion
Because you are my one life portion.
Let’s just do it
Please hug me baby
Let’s just get it
Please love me baby.
Tonight is so bright. Lovely. Right?
So shiny and sunny. Let’s fly a kite
Make our love clear a height
And spend together this wonderful night.
Hey baby you are only mine
I wanna drink you as a wine
As sun makes us always to shine
Hope we live this life happy and fine.